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Why We Love the Legend of Zelda

Legend by name and by nature, The Legend of Zelda series of games has captured the imaginations of gamers all over the world. Since it was first released in 1986, the game has spawned over 18 other sequels and spin-offs. But what is it about this game that has made it one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises?

Legend of Zelda NES


If you were to ask people what genre Legend of Zelda was, you might get more than one answer. That is because it has used many different elements over time. It has a mixture of puzzles, role-playing, adventure and even music puzzles. Maybe it’s this mixture that has kept it so engaging. A game franchise that will test many skills in order to complete it successfully. Whatever genre you think it fits into, it has certainly influenced many games over the years.

Legend of Zelda Title Screen

Link and Zelda

The two main characters in the games are Link, the heroic protagonist who is tasked with saving Princess Zelda. Although this has been the main theme of the games, there have been times when Zelda has taken an active role in defeating the evil Ganon. There is no doubt that these two characters are loved by the fans, and it’s the immersive way that you solve the puzzles and rescue the Princess that have remained a successful formula.


With each new console that has been released, there has always been the question, ‘When will Zelda be appearing?’ One of the great things about the game is that it has always tried to utilise the strengths of each new console. At the same time, you know what you’re getting because the game keeps to its familiar formula. Maybe it’s the eagerness of how the new Legend of Zelda game will look and play that excites its devoted fans.

The Ultimate Retro?

Of course, retro is cool, and there is nothing as retro as the Legend of Zelda. Partly because of the familiarity element again. Whether you play the original game or the latest incarnation, the basic elements are there for you to enjoy. It also means that if you are a collector of games consoles, you probably have a

Legend of Zelda game for each of them

The Legend of Zelda is not just a retro game. It is a timeless classic that has won praise and even a Guinness World Record for the highest rated video game in history. It has a style that is easy to follow and gameplay that is challenging and diverse. And if you have never played The Legend of Zelda before – there’s no time like the present.

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