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The Evolution of EA Sports Fifa Games

Fifa International Soccer

EA Sport released Fifa 17 last month. And even after 17 editions, the mega-gaming franchise keeps tweaking the improvements. The notable updates on the latest Fifa game is the goalkeepers have better agility and the story lines have improved.

If you’re old enough to remember the first EA Fifa football game, you may be familiar with the evolution of the updates. The game has grown from fuzzy graphics to near life-like rendering of modern day footballers. The player likenesses are strikingly accurate. Let’s take a closer look at how the game has evolved.

Fifa kicks-off

The first Fifa was launched in 1993. It was a bit of gamble to produce a football game at the time as North America – the biggest gaming market – was not so hot on soccer at the time. However, the World Cup was held in the United States the following year, so EA sports perhaps acted on a hunch. They were right to do so. Fifa sold 500,000 copies for the Sega Mega Drive.

Fifa International Soccer

Fifa had gripped an entire generation of gamers and although the next few additions saw few changes, the upgrade from 16-bit consoles to 32-bit consoles in 1995 enabled developers to take advantage of the powerful engine. As a result, the game had smoother motion, improved texturing and enthusiastic goal celebrations.

The following year, developers had a better grip of the 32-bit engine and Fifa 97 leapt forward with a thumping header into the top corner. The players appeared in polygonal dimension, kit details were authentic and the stadiums generated a real-game feel. These new touches were enhanced in Fifa 98 with the addition of hairstyles for the most recognisable players of the day.

Fifa football enhancements

For the next half decade, Fifa saw only minor changes, mostly centred around the face modelling of the top players in order to make the likeness more realistic. By 2004, developers had mastered realistic features. Fifa 2005 saw player animation improvements and the physical element of football was noticeable.

EA continued tweaking the graphics, gradually introducing the subtle elements of real-life football in order to make the game more dynamic. When Fifa 2008 was launched, EA had mastered the graphic rendering and overtook rivals Konami Pro Evolution Soccer. In-game scenes were introduced as action-replays and the close-up graphics were a demonstration that EA’s subtle updates to improve player likeness had finally bared fruit.

Fifa International Soccer Tournament

Ever since, the graphics have been polished and the visuals turn in a stellar performance. Although EA has consistently updated Fifa by making small incremental changes, you have to applaud them for designing such a life-like game. It should come as little surprise that the company has shifted over 100 million copies.

Look out for retro gaming events hosted by Super Retro Gamers. Why not tell us your favourite Fifa edition and we will plan an event with the most popular year. Or maybe we will go back to the beginning and feature the very first Fifa game from 1993. It’s your call!

E A Sports, it's in the game!

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