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5 Retro Games We Forgot Ever Existed

When it comes to retro games, there are many that have a special place in people's’ hearts, and have achieved legendary status. However, for every classic, you will find many others that for one reason or another, have slipped into obscurity. Some of them were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and were actually really good. These are just 5 of the many games out there that time forgot.


Released on the SEGA Saturn in 1995, Astal had a beautiful look to it and some good gameplay that should have stood it in good stead among the consoles other hit beat-‘em-ups. Maybe it was the Saturn’s short life span that caused it to get forgotten, or maybe it was a slightly odd story line.

ChuChu Rocket

This game has since had a comeback on the iPhone, but when it was originally released on the Sony PlayStation in 1998, it didn’t get the love it deserved. Designed by one of the Sonic co-creators Yuji Naka, it mixes many types of game together into something that is pure fun. Maybe it’s similarity to Packman, Bomberman and Lemmings led to its demise? However, I think it’s because of these aspects that it was such a great puzzle game.


One of the best things about this period of gaming history was the scrolling shooter games. I loved them, and Hellfire which was released in 1989 on the Mega Drive, was one of my favourites. There were many of these that kept kids entertained in the arcades over the years, but for some reason, Hellfire didn’t get the recognition it deserved.


In 1990 when this game was released on the PC, I would spend many hours trying to perfect the ultimate stunt. For the time, the graphics although a little bland by today’s standards, were pretty good, plus you got to do jumps and loops. It may have been its limited gameplay at the time that left it out in the cold, but there is a thriving community out there now creating new tracks and cars.

Aliens: The Computer Game

This early 1986 first person shooter was developed as a game tie-in with the movie. The best part of this game was the sound effects, especially the motion tracker that made things pretty tense, particularly if you were playing with the lights out. It also has the face hugging aliens leaping out at you to make it even scarier. This was an early first person shooter so was a bit ahead of its time, but it showed the possibilities to come.

I am sure that you will have your own games that you think should have had a better reception. That’s the great thing about these retro titles, there is always someone somewhere who loves them.

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