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Retro Gamers Event Returns - Just £8 for 4 hours of non-stop gaming

We know just how gloomy and grey January can be, so we thought we brighten up this darkest of months with another instalment of our incredibly popular Retro Gamers Event. Number seven in the series, the upcoming retro games marathon will feature some of the most popular SNES, N64 and Mega Drive games of all time. A must do for all keen gamers out there, this is one event you won’t want to miss.

When is it?

The seventh Retro Gamers Event will take place on 28th January from 1pm-5pm. Registration for competitions begins at 1pm, with contests starting at 2:30pm and winners announced at 4:30pm.

How much is a ticket?

A ticket costs just £8 and, as a special New Year bonus, you’ll also receive a free drink when you purchase your ticket. Competitions are £4 each to enter, though you can take part in all three for a discounted rate of just £10.

Where is it?

The upcoming retro gaming marathon will be held at the Secret Weapon bar in Stratford. A popular gaming pub, Secret Weapon is easy to access by public transport and a car park is available opposite the venue.

Which games and consoles will be on offer?

There’s going to be a huge choice of games and consoles on offer at the Retro Gamers Event. You’ll find a PS2 complete with Street Fighter Alpha 2, 2006 Fifa World Cup and Time Splitters 2, a Dreamcast with Dead or Alive, Metropolis Street Racers and Quake III Arena, an N64 kitted out with Donkey Kong 64, Goldeneye and Super Smash Bros and a Wii with Mario Kart Wii, New Super Mario Bros and Tatsunoko available to play as well as a whole host of other games and consoles.

What else is on?

Three competitions will be held during the afternoon. Competition one will be Sensible Soccer played on the Mega Drive, competition two will be Super Bomberman 2 on SNES and competition three will feature Street Fighter Alpha 2 on PS2. Winners of these competitions can choose between a Slimline Silver Playstation 2, a Sega Mega Drive and 3 months free entry.

To find out more about this unmissable retro gaming event, or to buy your ticket, sign up to Super Retro Gamer today.

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