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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Review

Back in 1997, a lot of people were starting to feel 2D fighters were starting to look a little dated what with the likes of Capcom and Sega bringing out their 3D titles. Consequently, Ultimate Mortal Kombat was released to a fair amount of criticism despite it being packed full of characters, special moves and plenty of secrets to find. Plus, there was buckets of blood and gore which back in those days was almost controversial since Nintendo wouldn't allow it on their platform.


We all know this very well and UMK brought this in an impressive 5 formats:


Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Fatality

Blood soaked and usually ripping some part of the enemy off or apart


Ultimate Mortal Kombat Babality

Basically turns the enemy in to a baby


Ultimate Mortal Kombat Friendship

Gives your enemy a nice little present

Pit fatality

Ultimate Mortal Kombat PIt Fatality

Some stages have a hidden fatality area which requires you to uppercut the enemy off the screen and land in a pit to much blood and gore


Ultimate Mortal Kombat Brutality

Punch your enemy to death in an impressive array of eleven hits

Game modes

Although UMK brings together the traditional one and two player modes there is also a 2-on-2 Kombat rounds which runs as a tournament. Each player picks two characters and then enters the battle with a total of 8 players fighting it out until there is one supreme champion. Of course, this will be a blood soaked and brutal tournament.

Ooooh secrets

At the time, there were questions and questions about what these hot amazing secrets were and how to find them. Today all of them have been found and you can pretty much find all of them with a simple search online. So to wet your appetite, here is one to get you started:

On the main menu enter A, C, Up. 8, Up, B, A. Down. This will bring up three secret menu options called Cheats, Secrets and Killer Codes. Check them out and tell us what you think.


The Mega Drive version has all the characters from the Saturn version, which at the time was a surprise and a welcome one at that given there was much speculation on whether the Mega Drive could handle it.

  • Scorpian, Reptile were back after being missing from MKII

  • Kitana and Jade covered the female entrants

  • From the arcade and Saturn versions, Ermac, Mileena and Classic Sub Zero

  • Noob Saibot appears as Rain

  • Classicsmoke! A hidden character who is like a human ninja version of the robot assassin. To unlock him, highlight smoke and hold down HP+LP+HK+LK until the first round begins.

UMK was a great game that brought an amazing end to the Mortal Kombat series back in the late 1990's. 26 fighters on a great 16-bit machine, great stuff!

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