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We Compare The Pros And Cons Of Different Games Console Controllers

When you’re pondering over which games console you should buy, it’s not only the quality and range of games you have to consider, but the performance and comfort of the controllers as well.

Games consoles come with their standard controllers of course, and although each have their pros and cons, it is the controller upgrades you should take an interest in. These bad-boys are stellar performers and take gaming up a notch. But will they influence your choice of console?

Let’s take a look at the best of the rest.


Considering PS4 is considered the premium games console (although the Xbox comeback has a lot to say about that), the choice of controllers is limited. The pick of the bunch is the SCUF 4PS controller which mimics the official Dualshock 4 – but with better features.

Infinity 4PS Color controller-red

The centre touchpad is smoother than the DS. This makes a big difference in performance, although I must say barely justifies the price tag. The basic black model is £95.99 which is bumped up to £109.99 if you want coloured buttons and £119.99 if you want a coloured body.

To be fair the build quality is noticeable and the performance is nothing less than you would expect from a PS4 controller designed for professionals. There are two rear paddles within reaching distance of your middle finger which makes gameplay more comfortable and the grips are textured for a firmer hold. A decent bit of kit, even if a little overpriced.

SCUF Infinity 1If you want a customizable pad for the Xbox, the SCUF Infinity 1 will give you a competitive edge. Complete with paddles, rubber grips and a soft-touch premium finish. Again the basic models are an expensive £95.99 with customisable options costing extra.

And the standard controller may not suffice most gamers. Thumbsticks are available in medium or large and are made from high-grade self-lubricating material. Whilst they are more responsive than the default sticks, they add another £9.98 onto the cost.

The other alternative is to the buy the Precision Thumbsticks at £10.99. They come with three analogue sticks with a choice of domed or concave pads. But you need two if you want a matching pair. Superior they may be, but at £21.98 M$ is not being kind to its faithful patrons.

Whilst the SCUF is a controller that handles well, looks great and turns in a professional performance, the Xbox Accessories can make you feel ill at ease handing over the extra cash.

Xbox One Elite

One glance at the Xbox One Elite Controller and your knees can buckle. She’s a beauty. Sophisticated design, brushed metal accessories, a soft matte black finish and more bells and whistles than a circus clown.

Xbox One Elite Controller

The gamepad is of course customisable, and will add up to an investment of £130 which is not much more than the other two controllers we have featured. But the Xbox One Elite is arguably worth the price tag more than its rivals.

The significant differences in the Elite over the standard Xbox controller is a superior D-pad – one a metal replica – a moulded rubber stand and three concave diamond grip analogue sticks.

Once you have added all the bells and whistles, there is not much to choose between the controllers. They all turn in a sterling performance and it is a matter of personal taste in design and feel.

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