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Remember Beatmania 2? And Other Early Dance Games…

Who remembers Beatmania 2? Still considered a masterpiece of arcade rhythm games, Beatmania 2 is the mother of all arcade dance games and really knows how to liven up a dull party. Or even a buzzing party for that matter.

Beatmania arcade machine

Made for the PlayStation 2 and dubbed BMUS, Beatmania 2 gives players the opportunity to be DJ for the night and spin the discs to over 50 tracks. Featuring a unique controller, a turntable and an oversized keyboard, the aim is to mimic a mix of music in real-time and create a club-like energy.

Beatmania PS2

Dance simulator games are an acquired taste, but there is no doubting they are great fun at a party – especially with drunken friends. But you can wheel it out at the family Christmas get together as well and still have loads of fun.

If you ever played the original Beatmania in the arcades, the controller can take a little getting used to in the home version, but just like music, the game is about getting your timing right to the rhythm. So if you’re not much of a dancer, don’t start with the hyper-difficultly mode otherwise you’ll just get frustrated.

The different levels are actually pretty well structured and designed to help players get progressively better. The Groove Gauge along the bottom of the screen is indicative of how cleanly you are hitting the notes. Players are also scored on timing – so get into the groove and find your rhythm to get a good score.

Dance Dance Revolution

If Beatmania 2 is the mother of all dance games, Dance Dance Revolution gets the nod as the godfather. Although the purpose of play is the same as any other rhythm game, this game is a dance game in the true sense of the word – you literally have to dance; on a large mat.

You choose your steps in four directions and have to mimic the onscreen cues for your moves. Points are given for timing and the number of consecutive steps you manage before making a mistake.

Pop n Music

Pop n Music is another rhythm game from Japanese makers Konami (albeit from their Bemani branch) and pretty much follows the same principles as Beatmania 2. The only difference are the large colourful cartoon characters that make the game more appealing to toddlers – and weird adults.

Parappa the rapper

Another fun party game, Parappa the rapper is for the motor-mouth in you that can roll out a rhyming lyric without getting tongued tied. The purpose of the game is to help the shy puppy, Parappa, to rap his way into the heart of his beautiful bow, Sunny. The game is much better than the storyline – we promise.

If you want the chance to bust a groove at one of our Super Retro Gaming events, feel free to let us know what your favourite rhythm game is and we’ll set it up for you. Just for you.

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