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Super Mario World Review

Released as a launch title for the SNES in 1992, Super Mario World is widely seen as a SNES classic, and is certainly regarded as one of the best Mario games ever made. While still sticking to the well tread and classic Mario platforming gameplay, Super Mario World adds several new compelling elements to the game that keep it fresh, as well as introducing one of the Mario franchises most famous characters, Yoshi.

Mario's traditional bright and vibrant colour scheme make a return here, and the title still retains its visual appeal to this day. The 3D world map that was introduced in Super Mario Bros 3 returns in this title, but instead of a simple colour swap and certain sprite replacements for each world, Super Mario World gives players a 3D visualised map with each area having its own unique design and appeal. Each zone’s terrain and topography varies dramatically, from upland areas to surreal and dimly lit subterranean caves. This visual variety is thankfully also showcased in the games many levels, with a varying degree of difficulty as well as the design. For example, the player will find themselves playing through haunted houses, castles filled with deadly traps where the ceiling tries to crush them, as well as the more traditional Mario platforming levels. The amount of levels and world zones on offer here are extensive, and many players will have to devote a considerable amount of time to discovering and completing all the secrets that this game has to offer.

Super Mario World retains most of its traditional platforming gameplay that most gamers will recognise, where Mario has to jump to avoid pits, traps and defeat enemies. As well as the traditional power ups such Super Mario and Fire Mario, there are a few new additions here that adds a great deal to the Mario formula. The most noticeable of these Is Cape Mario, a cape power up that allows Mario to glide through the air and divebomb onto the ground below. This move is an incredibly fun addition to the game, and while sometimes somewhat frustrating to use (such as when accidently divebombing straight into a gaping pit in the ground) its versatility and fun to use more than make up for this.

As mentioned above a significant addition to this game is the introduction of Yoshi, a now iconic character who acts in his first title as a power up throughout the game. Not only does Yoshi allow the player to be relatively safe from harm while riding him, but he also interacts in interesting ways with the various enemy types in the game. For example, when eating kooper shells, Yoshi will gain a new power up for the duration that the shell is kept. This can range from the ability to breathe fire to Yoshi growing wings and flying across the map, avoiding enemies and traps below that would normally be a challenge for the player to overcome. These mechanics keep the gameplay fresh and encourage players to think though different strategies when playing through levels, as well as encouraging replay-ability to attempt to figure out

different ways of finishing the games levels.

Deserving of its reputation as a SNES classic, Super Mario World is certainly worth playing now, and it definitely deserves a place in every gamers collection.

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