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Customise A Console In Time For Christmas

Father Christmas already has one foot on the doormat. And once the Halloween decorations have been cleared out of shop windows, tinsel and trees will appear. And that can only mean one thing; it’s time to start thinking about the gift you’re going to buy for that special someone in your life.

Deciding what to buy your loved ones for Christmas can often be a pain in the console. But if that someone in your life happens to be a gamer, here’s a suggestion for you: customise their retro games console.

Okay, so it might be a little bit tricky keeping this gift idea a surprise if they notice their retro NES or Xbox is missing. But we are guessing they also have a new console to keep them occupied. So you might just get away with it.

Why customise your retro games console?

The answer to that is simple. They look cool and bring a whole new lease of life to a twenty-plus year old games console. Furthermore, a customised Xbox or PlayStation is unique and can be used as a centerpiece ornament for your gaming-mad darling.

The ideas for customising retro games consoles has been around for quite some time now. And the designs are getting all the more spectacular. If you want to get an idea how awesome a customised retro games console can look, check out these crackers.

It has to be said that retro games consoles are not the most eye-catching designs. Okay, they’re not bad by any stretch; sleek, compact, admirable in their own little way. But the plain, plastic body armour doesn’t really do justice for the pure beauty that purrs under the hood.

Fair enough, beauty is own skin deep, and consoles covers are no exception. But can you imagine the delight on your little gamers face when they unwrap the mystery gift to find their old console pimped to the nines with an ultra-cool look? They won’t be able to contain their excitement and show it off to their mates.

Retro games bring back memories

It will probably also get them back to playing the old games from when they were growing up. And nostalgia is a wonderful thing. You could say it’s soup for the soul. And what better time to conjure up memories of the past than Christmas. It’s not as fun or exciting like when we were kids. And once your own children have grown up, Christmas loses some of its magic.

So bring back the memories with some of your favourite retro games. Get the old gang together; Pac-man, Mario, Sonic, Zelda. And why not invite the family for dinner at yours this Christmas so you can all have a go at beating your personal best – even grandma and grandad can have a go, they’ll love it.

Now that we have persuaded you want a great gift a customised retro console is, you need to get a shift on, because they take some time to create and there could be a queue. If you live in London, give Super Retro Gamers a tinkle on our Facebook page. We’ll be happy to help you out.

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