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Best Ever Recorded Top Scores For Our Favourite Retro Games

You know that satisfying feeling you get when you beat your personal best on a video arcade games? Well, can you imagine being the world’s top scorer of a popular retro game. If you do you’ll get in the Guinness Book of World Records, but there are some records for retro games that just can’t be beaten.

The Pac Man Glitch


When Billy Mitchell became the first player to finish Pac-Man in 1995, it was discovered that there was a glitch in the programming that actually brings the game to an end.

The game has a memory shortage which ends after level 256. If you finish every level without losing a life, you get a points total of 3,333,360. And nobody can get higher than that. In 2012, David Race became only the second person ever to record a perfect score on Pac-Man and he did it in the fastest time - 33 minutes and 1.4 seconds.

Super Mario Speedster

There are very few players that can complete Super Mario Bros in under five minutes, but a young man called Kosmic beat the previous world record by 0.5 seconds earlier this year when he axed Bowser and rescued the Princess in 4 minutes and 57.260 seconds. He was hooked up to a heart monitor at the time, so if you want to know what playing Mario does to your pulse, check this YouTube video.

Rock Chicks On Guitar Hero

If you think girls don’t like video games or don’t know how to rock out, think again? Try telling that to Annie Leung from California USA and she will rub your retro face in your console. Then she will point to the Guinness Book of World Records. And there Annie – a girl gamer -achieved the highest ever score on Guitar Hero III to the tune of 789,349 points for the classic “Through The Fire and Flames.”

World of Warcraft Witchcraft

Another girlie gamer who will throttle your controller is Hectaerina Kinumi Iglesias who shattered the record for most hours played on World of Warcraft. Playing under her online alias, Kinumi Cati, Iglesias lasted for more than a day by holding out for 29 hours and 31 minutes in 2014. And to prove it, she recorded the entire marathon on video. It doesn’t make for riveting viewing though.

The Select Few That Survived Zelda’s Extreme Challenge

Zelda’s ‘Extreme Challenge’ doesn’t get its title because it’s a walk in the virtual park. As a matter of fact, it’s so tough only four players have ever completed modes one and two in its 14-year history. You can brag about finishing the original Legend of Zelda all you like, but loads of people have done that. You’re can’t be considered a player until you master Zelda’s Extreme Challenge.

Talking of challenges, Super Retro Gamer are holding a retro games event on 12th November on West Ham Road. We’ve got loads of consoles and games lined up so call in and enjoy the fun – and the retro game challenges.


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