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Retro Gamer Themed Weddings

Retro weddings are all the rage at the minute. Gaming nerds are incorporating their big day with Pacman props for the wedding photos, cufflinks and garters modeled on their favourite video games and bridesmaid bouquets decorated with 8-bit video game princesses.

Retro Games Weddings

With the amount of iconic images produced by retro arcade games, there is no shortage of ideas to make your special day extra special. But if you need some inspiration, let’s take a look at some weddings that have been inspired by classic retro games.

Married to Minecraft

Minecraft Wedding

If you bonded with your significant other over your love for Minecraft, then you might want to theme your wedding on features taken from the hit game like retro-mad gamer Matt who proposed to his bride-to-be at the Minecraft Convention, MineCon. The couples wedding was glittered with pixelated trees, cardboard cutouts of Minecraft characters together with emblems and artwork that feature on the game.

Super Mario Bros wedding memorabilia

Super Mario Bros Wedding

The Nintendo mega star, Mario and his brother Luigi is a popular choice for retro video themed weddings and there are loads of prop ideas that make the entire occasion fun and unique. Grooms have even presented their fiancée with the wedding ring in a yellow box with a question mark on the lid.

Legend of Zelda wedding cake

Legend of Zelda wedding cake

Zelda is another classic arcade character to make an appearance at retro-video inspired weddings. The Triforce relic has been used on invitation cards and most notably as the design of a wedding cake topped with a pixelated Zelda figure and love heart. You can also include the Triforce or Boss Key on a necklace.

Retro Rock Band

Rock Band Wedding Party

Is there a better way to entertain your wedding guests than throwing Rock Band on the X-Box and blasting out your favourite hits? Not at a retro-themed wedding there isn’t. There’s no point wasting your money on a cheesy wedding DJ or part-time band when your guests can rock the night away. And think of how much more fun they will have than just plain old dancing. That is so yesterday.

A ring of Halo

Halo Wedding Ring

Given Halo is one of the most adored retro games in the history of video arcade games, it should come as scant surprise that the iconic Halo ring is being used for a wedding ring. In one heartwarming tale, a married couple based their wedding on Halo – because that is how they met, playing the game through Xbox Live.

So if you love retro games as much as you love your significant other, why not combine the two for your big day and have a retro-arcade game wedding. Oh, and don’t forget to install arcade games in the reception foyer so your guests can have a blast all night. We assume that most of your friends are fans of retro games too!

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