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Super Probotector Alien Rebels Retro Game Event

Super Probotector Cover

Super Probotector: Alien Rebels is one of my all-time favourite retro games. So I am already feeding the butterflies in anticipation for the upcoming event which will be held by Super Retro Gamers at Secret Weapon in London on 17th September.

It pleases me to know that I am not alone in my assessment of Super Prob either. Five out of five ‘love it’ ratings is a rare for video games in any era, but fair play to Konami phenomena for getting full marks.

The original game was released in 1992 for the NES and over 25 years later still has captivated players gripping onto their controller for dear life. There were also two earlier games, but it is the third ‘Alien Rebels,’ that gets my fingers twitching.

Super Probotector

In case you're reading from the states, Super Probotector: Alien Rebels was given the title Contra III which is not far removed from the original title the game was given by its Japanese manufacturers, Contra Spirits.

The game also has autonomy in Europe, particularly Germany where the characters were converted from the human heroes to robots because at the time of its release Germany had strict censorship laws regarding violence towards humans. Robots then became synonymous with the game everywhere.

Super Probotector highlights

What I like about Super Prob is the challenge. It’s not the easiest game to master which is why it has you hooked until that glorious day when you want to run down the street like you’ve just won the World Cup. However, one bullet and game over is pretty harsh.

Super Probotector

The frenetic pace and impressive graphics also play their part too. This is heart-racing stuff and one of the highlights comes as early as the end of level one: the fire-spewing, giant tortoise powered by a skeleton boss. Awesome battle.

Another stand-out for me is the Mode 7 plane which trail-blazed enemy bases so that players can move in and destroy enemy-generating checkpoints. The aerial graphics from the Mode 7 was a masterstroke of programming back in the day and one of the holds Nintendo owners had over their MegaDrive counterpart when a ‘which is better’ debate ensued.

Super Probotector

Alien Rebels Event

It’s perhaps a sign of the times that Super Probotector only has six levels. You can’t imagine a modern game shipping with so fewer levels, but Super Prob gets away with it because of the intensity and difficulty. Even jumping over obstacles has to be spot-on-timing. It’s almost life-like.

Gamers can relive the thrills and spills of Super Probotector: Alien Rebels at our upcoming event. We have a range of consoles to play with and will run a competition for the best score on Super Prob. So make sure you pack your nerve and put your sharp-shooting fingers on.

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