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Awesome Gaming Inspired Gifts For Gamers

We know it’s early, but if you are struggling to think of an original and thoughtful Christmas or birthday gift for your gamer-mad son, daughter, friend or partner, why not buy them a gamer-inspired gift. You can’t go wrong.

Gameboy lighter

If your gamer-geek can put their control pad down long enough to light up, they will love this Gameboy zippo lighter. Made from stainless steel, the lighter looks just like a retro Gameboy from the classic archives of old-school pocket consoles. Now there’s something to reminisce whilst they chug on their cigarette. Or whatever they smoke ;)

Gamebooze Dispenser

nerdtendo gamebooze flask

Admittedly, this is a personal favourite – the Nerdtendo Gamebooze Dispenser. Not the best name, but this stainless steel drinking flask is possibly the best present you can give to your Gameboy loving gamer – especially if they like a nip between stages. The flask holds 8oz of spirits so it is recommended they drink sociably with their gamer friends. Not only a great present, but a nice little touch for a tipple on gaming night with their mates.

Tetris Heat Change Mug

Another personal favourite is the Tetris heat changing mug. I was obsessed with this game back in the 90’s and the spin-offs are still giving me endless pleasure – especially in the morning. When you pour hot water into this mug, it rings out the Tetris tune and inspires many happy memories. Word of warning though – don’t run it through the dishwasher as it will wreck the heat burning sensors and won’t play the tune. Hand wash only.

super mario chess set

If there is anything that can drag gamers away from their console, it will probably be the Super Mario chess set that lures them. The timeless classic for the battle of Mushroom Kingdom is available as a board game complete with all the principle characters from the vintage arcade phenomena – 32 handcrafted and painted figures. Even when you are not playing chess, this gift makes an impressive display-piece avid gamers will be proud to own.

Pixelated jewellery

Yes, we know girls are gamers as well, so here is something for the ladies – pixelated jewellery. You can buy Pixel Heart Friendship Necklaces which are inspired by the Mario heart and breaks into two halves. There is also a Super Mario question mark ring made from pure sterling. If you have a gamer-girlfriend, she will love this touching gesture.

Retro games and consoles

If you want to surprise gamers with a gift, rather than purchase the latest video game that is trending, why not give them a retro game or console instead. It is almost guaranteed they won’t be expecting it, but they are sure to love it – and you, just for the thought. Retro gifts are the perfect surprise for gamers.

Gamers are not always the easiest people to buy gifts for - all they want is games which makes it difficult to surprise them with something original. Hopefully these gamer-inspired gift suggestions will solve that quandary.

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