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28 JAN

1pm - 5pm

£8 inc a free drink



Join over 60 retro gamers for 4hrs of non-stop gaming!

Welcome to 2017! Retro gaming continues!  All you #OldSkoolGamerZ are hungry for more gaming so here we are! Hundreds of SNES, N64 and Mega Drive games not to mention a tiny little NES mini! 


There are THREE competitions for you to win a PS2, Mega Drive or 3 months free entry!


Get a free drink with your ticket and there will be plenty more drinks as we are in a gaming pub in Stratford!



When: 28 January 2017 - Doors open at 1 pm

Entry: £8 - Pay at the door

Where: Secret Weapon 25 West Ham Lane, London E15 4PH




Consoles & Games line up (email us any requests)



  1. 100 built-in games

  2. Street Fighter Alpha 2

  3. 2006 Fifa World CUpTime S

  4. Time Splitters 2

  5. Hyper Street Fighter II The Anniversary Edition


  1. Capcom Vs SNK
  2. Dead or Alive
  3. Metropolis Street racer
  4. Quake III Arena 


SNES (Multi-Region) 

  1. Over 500 games

  2. Super Mario Kart

  3. Streetfighter II Turbo

  4. Killer Instinct

  5. Super Bomberman 2


  1. Mario Kart Double Dash

  2. Fifa Football 2005

  3. Soul Calibur 2

  4. Metroid Prime 2 Echoes



  1. Over 200 games

  2. Goldeneye

  3. Donkey Kong 64

  4. Super Smash Bros.


Wii (Modded to run NES, SNES & Mega Drive games)

  1. Mario Kart Wii

  2. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

  3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  4. Tatsunoko

Mega Drive

  1. Over 500 games

  2. Streets of Rage

  3. Golden Axe 2

  4. Mortal Kombat

Xbox 360

  1. 15 multiplayer retro games


Competition 1
 Sensible Soccer
Platform: Mega Drive 
Entry: £4.00 entry

Competition 2

Game: Super Bomberman 2

Platform: SNES

Entry: £4.00 entry


Competition 3

Game: Street Fighter Alpha 2

Platform: PS2

Entry: £4.00 entry


You can enter all three competitions for a discounted rate of only £10!


PRIZE: Winners have a choice from a Slimline Silver Playstation 2, a Sega Mega Drive or 3 months free entry!



Registration will be from 1 pm when you arrive



Competitions start: 2.30pm 

Winners announced: 4.30PM

Bring your own games and controllers at your own risk.



There is a car park opposite the Secret Weapon,charging hours are Mon - Sun, 8am - 6.30pm.  To pay by phone call 020 7005 0055, quote location number 88879.


Public Transport

Stratford Station is within a 7 minute walk where the Central line, Jubilee line, DLR and National rail are available. 


You all know what to do, just hit the link below and our friends over at Google will show you exactly where you need to go.


The Secret Weapon is a gaming pub so there are plenty of drinks available.

There is no food sold at the pub however there are plenty or eateries in surrounding area.

The Secret Weapons is accessible to disabled gamers however the bathrooms are not accessible by wheelchair.

There are plenty of chairs and tables if you want to take a break.

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